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  • Proteins 21654
  • Sites 70536
  • Organisms 12


Thiol groups on cysteines (Cys) can undergo multiple post-translational modifications (PTMs), acting as a molecular switch to maintain redox homeostasis and regulating a series of biological activities, including altering enzymatic reactions, protein-protein interactions, and protein stability.

CysModDB contains 70536 CysPTM sites from 21654 proteins identified through high-throughput proteome experiments. It includes 12 different PTM types (i.e., S-nitrosylation, S-sulfenylation, S-sulfinylation, S-sulfonylation, S-glutathionylation, S-disulfidation, S-persulfidation, S-palmitoylation, S-prenylation, S-carbonylation, S-itaconation and S-succination) derived from 12 distinct species. These PTM sites are reviewed and recorded with information extracted from literature and curator-evaluated computational analysis.